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Michael Meyers (Director) and Simon Dean (Workshop Manager) and their team are committed to providing you with the best service and price for all your engine reconditioning needs.

Our workshop operates using state-of-the-art equipment and practices and are among Australia’s best for fast, reliable quality workmanship. 

Our friendly and talented automotive technicians and engine builders are highly trained and capable mechanics and each have extensive experience in the reconditioning, repairing and diagnosis of cylinder heads from a wide range of engine types.  Our team take pride in their work and offer free expert advice on your engine which can save both time and money for the client.

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Mechanic's Checklist and Service Update

Perkins Authorised Dealer

Contact us for all engine reconditioning for cars, trucks and stationary motors.

  • Automotive machining
  • Boring & Honing
  • Crankshaft Grinding
  • Conrod Resizing & Gudgeon Bush Boring
  • Crack detection
  • All Cylinder Heads & Repairs
  • Cylinder Block Sleeving Boring & Honing
  • General engineering
  • Heat Treatment & Stress Relieving
  • Flywheel Grinding
  • Line boring
  • Surface Grinding & Milling
  • Engine Assembly
  • New & Exchange Engines
  • Perkins Engines, Generator Sets & Genuine Perkins Parts

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Are you aware of these important rules when refitting the cylinder head to your engine...?

Mechanics Checklist

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Authorised Dealer for Perkins Engines

Dalby Engine Rebuilders is an authorised Perkins Parts and Service Dealer. As a member of the Perkins dealer network, our extensive machine shop facility can offer complete Perkins engine overhauls using Genuine Perkins Power Parts.

Alternatively we can supply brand new Perkins Engines, Power Packs and Gensets (Diesel or Gas).... read More

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